Welcome in the virtual studio of Renate Wandel

1966 - 1972 University for Visual Arts  / Berlin
2001 - 2002 Scholarship: Monestary painter in the  monestary Cornberg / Hessen
2007 Preisträgerin Kunstwettbewerb Bad Sooden-Allendorf
Renate Wandel lives and works in Bad Hersfeld / Hessen

Works of Renate Wandel are issued in german museums, galleries and churches.
Her works are in private collections in nearly all European countries as well as in North Africa, North America and in the front Orient. Supplementing information as well as cold-needle etchings of Renate Wandel are available under www.rotation31.de.

… always correctly! - 5 to 12 - place of the republic, Berlin

Pictures of the temporary location of the installation „… always correctly!”.

The painter & sculptress Renate Wandel got inspired before the conception of this installation from a well-known German proverb.